Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Three layer potion

Today for home school I made a potion and it did cool things that's why I made it science. So here is the ingredients...   

this is what it should look like before you put it in the freezer
      Use cup or bowl:)

  • put candy corn in cup [at least 4 
  •  pore olive oil intell over candy corn     
  •  fill with water till about and inch and a half from bottom
  • put in freezer for ten min 
  •  add vinegar to make it smell [or pickle juice] to make it smell.
  • heat it up for ten min, does it look gross?
  •  look at what you have created 
  •  now stir it up
    and after you heat it up
  •  now put little marshmallows in the do they look like bubbles?

       Now I dare you to try it;)

     If you want to keep it wrap it
         up with cling wrap and put in refrigerator

and finished

stay warm :)

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