Thursday, March 3, 2011

My book that I'm reading

Here is what I'm reading here is what its about read it its really good : )

Lying in bed at night, twelve-year-old Henry york cant
ignore the thumping and scratching he hears on the other side of the attic wall.He scrapes off  the plaster
and discovers doors-ninety-nine cupboards of all different shapes and sizes.through one he sees a glowing room with a man strolling back and forth! Through another he hears the sound of falling rain.Henry and his cousin Henryetta soon understand that these are not just cupboards.they are in fact portals to other worlds.There are also 2 and 3 one hundred cupboards .!   


Its almost spring where we get to plant flowers and think of ideas of our gardens. Last year we grew cucumbers yum my favorite, they grew so big here is a picture. Also I get to decorate Bolts grave with flowers and other things. I love picking out the flowers for the side yard , I like a little bit of flowers but I like green and shady this year, but right now its all brown, home depot is getting there  flowers and trees in. I cant wait  for spring!!!!!!!!!!!!   ******************************


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I cant think of something good but here it is.    

After Whiskers died I was at the pet store looking for a new hamster when I saw cute little Bolt running around her cage. I caught a glimpse of her little lightning bolt on her back then, I knew what hamster to get and I knew what to name her. So we got her and took her home .I ran downstairs and told the boys I got a new hamster.  With surprise, Luke went over and looked.  We were putting bedding in her new cage and the food, treats,and water. I tried to get her out of the box onto my hands but she jumped out of my hands and I quickly got her and put her in my box.well, that's what they come in. And when  we were done  I put her in her cage .The next day I put her in her ball and took her to my moms bath tub and held her in the bath tub for safety so she wouldn't get lost .'' She got used to it '' I said to my mom so I held her around the house then put her in her cage.that summer we took her in her outside in our backyard well in her ball .She rolled around happily while the grass bent down under her ball .Me and Luke guided her to the hill she rolled up and down, soon she got tired so we put her in her cage. after a year of her being ignored and played with and ignored and played with over and over  I cleaned her cage and thought I'm gonna put her in my room so I did and she didn't get ignored but at night we put her in the living room so she wont wake me up.I would wake up and go in the living room and see a little Bolt siting there and poking her head high her cute little ears up high  then she would know it was me and she would go to the wall of her glass cage and put her paws up and scratch.So I would take the top off and put her in her ball I did that every morning for fore weeks then it was time the party guests were there and I went in to see Bolt and she was laying flat I quickly took her lid off and picked  her up she was fine but she was breathing heavy and walked slowly I had tears in my eyes and as she walked she couldn't find her balance and she would fall over I thought she was tired so I put her back in her cage I was crying I could here my cousins come in and saying wheres Natalie, Luke said'' shes in her room'', and they asked,'' can we see her''and he said no, I was happy he said that. my mom came in and said ''you need to come out of your room'' so I did I went to see my cousins and then I went back to my room Bolt was doing it again so I took the top of her cage off she was still alive I was happy but she still couldn't walk right so I put her in her cage and left when I came back I heard something whimper it was a strange noise so I took the top of Bolts cage it was her I cried hard I called my mom in and she said'' come into the living room'', why I  said, she said'' its to sad ''I didn't want to hear her do that again so I went to have some cake when I was done I went in my room took the top of her cage off and it was time sadly she was dead I went to the living room every one was leaving I told my mom she died I jumped into her arms crying why did she die today I said when every one left we had a funeral as I would say every thing I remember and when we put the dirt on top of her I said crying'' I'll never see her little cute face again'' with my mom crying she said'' Bolt you were sweet and loving to Natalie may you rest in peace''.

may bolt go to the sacred Hamster wheel in the sky