Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin of pumpkiness

You are probably wondering why I named this post pumpkin of pumpkiness.  Well, because I got the pumpkin of pumpkiness and here it is on the internet!

You just saw the pumpkin of pumpkiness turn into a MINECRAFT CREEPER!!!!!!   WOW!  Your eyes must have popped out of there sockets!  God help me the pumpkin of pumpkiness is a creeper.   You're gonna have to see it to believe it... down there... you see the pictures down there?  Go on now... don't die now, I  don't want people dyiing cause of my blog post... now down there...........

Photo from Think Geek

What?  You're telling me you saw it without dyiing?  Cool!  Now just so you know its a creeper from minecraft, look that up and buy the game its worth it if you saw the pumpkin of pumpkiness waring that face. then you beta buy it, yeah now, look more bye!!!!!Oh and here is baby of babyness  the baby pumpkin and we made pumpkin seeds mmm those turned out good.  And we made cat cookies !!!!!!

Minecraft is almost finished so buy it
when its still $26 its online
and trust me all my family plays it except for my mom.  thanks

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple picking!!!!!

On September 18 we went apple picking, on our ride there we past a little town so we took pictures. Then we past a field it looked very pretty, so we took pictures of that to. We had to take a ferry to get to Illinois, then we took another ferry and we got to the apple orchard. We took a tractor to the apple orchard, it was a fun time, we got a lot of apples we made apple pie and all that good apple stuff mmmm I would love to go there again:)


Luke and my dad
 These are photos from this years apple picking. Because I didn't get to finish this
post in time so I finished it this year.

The Castle

Yesterday I found a box in the storage room so I decided I was going to make a Cat Castle!!!!!
so I cut it and it is awesome Snowflake wont go in it but she will soon!It has two rooms a small room and a BIG room here is what it looks like.     cool is it ?      Oh and snap shots of snowy:).

The box has a lot  of room,another from
50 Games to play with your cat I love that book
it has lots of good ideas that cats love I made a
pin ball for cats to,from the some book
and I do read another cat book it a story called
Warriors its a very good book I love it especially
if you're a cat lover.I love my kitties have a good fall :)

this one is cute<3

Snowflake likes to drink from the sink its funny:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Three layer potion

Today for home school I made a potion and it did cool things that's why I made it science. So here is the ingredients...   

this is what it should look like before you put it in the freezer
      Use cup or bowl:)

  • put candy corn in cup [at least 4 
  •  pore olive oil intell over candy corn     
  •  fill with water till about and inch and a half from bottom
  • put in freezer for ten min 
  •  add vinegar to make it smell [or pickle juice] to make it smell.
  • heat it up for ten min, does it look gross?
  •  look at what you have created 
  •  now stir it up
    and after you heat it up
  •  now put little marshmallows in the do they look like bubbles?

       Now I dare you to try it;)

     If you want to keep it wrap it
         up with cling wrap and put in refrigerator

and finished

stay warm :)

The new toy

 I made a toy for my cats yesterday,it was supposed to be a mouse but I did my best, I filled it with catnip and Snowflake loves it ,here is some action shots.  :)
               here is the cat book I got the idea
               from. and the two cat books I use.  
                its called 50 games to play with    
               your cat    and cat lover's                    daily companion

snowy had so much fun enjoy

Cat photo shoot

So I was going to put these pictures of my cats in a cat fancy issue [contest] but we were to late so  I decided I was going to share them with you    ====enjoy====

I'm to sexy for this couch;)
 And there names are Gigi and


Aren't they cute <3