Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin of pumpkiness

You are probably wondering why I named this post pumpkin of pumpkiness.  Well, because I got the pumpkin of pumpkiness and here it is on the internet!

You just saw the pumpkin of pumpkiness turn into a MINECRAFT CREEPER!!!!!!   WOW!  Your eyes must have popped out of there sockets!  God help me the pumpkin of pumpkiness is a creeper.   You're gonna have to see it to believe it... down there... you see the pictures down there?  Go on now... don't die now, I  don't want people dyiing cause of my blog post... now down there...........

Photo from Think Geek

What?  You're telling me you saw it without dyiing?  Cool!  Now just so you know its a creeper from minecraft, look that up and buy the game its worth it if you saw the pumpkin of pumpkiness waring that face. then you beta buy it, yeah now, look more bye!!!!!Oh and here is baby of babyness  the baby pumpkin and we made pumpkin seeds mmm those turned out good.  And we made cat cookies !!!!!!

Minecraft is almost finished so buy it
when its still $26 its online
and trust me all my family plays it except for my mom.  thanks

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