Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Castle

Yesterday I found a box in the storage room so I decided I was going to make a Cat Castle!!!!!
so I cut it and it is awesome Snowflake wont go in it but she will soon!It has two rooms a small room and a BIG room here is what it looks like.     cool is it ?      Oh and snap shots of snowy:).

The box has a lot  of room,another from
50 Games to play with your cat I love that book
it has lots of good ideas that cats love I made a
pin ball for cats to,from the some book
and I do read another cat book it a story called
Warriors its a very good book I love it especially
if you're a cat lover.I love my kitties have a good fall :)

this one is cute<3

Snowflake likes to drink from the sink its funny:)

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