Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Time is here, almost :)

A couple of day's ago we went to low's, as we drove in front of the store I saw flowers!!! Pansy's,well of course pansy's they bloom in winter, fall and spring.While we were in the store I said "Mama lets go out and look at the flower's"and she said "okay alright we will go there soon"! When we got out there all different colors of flowers! Pink, yellow, purple, blue and orange! I couldn't decide on what color's to get. We ended up getting yellow and blue Pansy's, and planted them right away in pots on the front porch:)

As you can see... I made a spring post on march third last year, which is weird that I always do a post of spring! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yesterday I made a snowman at the front of our yard by our mail box when it was starting to get dark, it wasn't that big, but it was big enough for the small snow we had, This morning the snow was melting and I saw my snowman wasn't big, so I went out there and the head fell off! I quickly put it back on went inside brought the camera and took pictures. Now the snow has almost completely melted,  and I saw my snowman fell again! I tried to put it back but it fell. But now at least  I took pictures!!! I hope tomorrow is warm or at least has sun. :D 

Brrrr these pics make me cold
I didn't want it to be all snow pics we have some flowers and me!!!:)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


The warmth of spring is coming but its still freezing!!!!
These are the first flowers I planted last year!
I miss having breakfast outside on our porch and having lemonade stands with my friends. But we can still enjoy spring in the winter by looking at pictures of flowers and green trees:D This is what I did in the spring, mostly.  I love summer too, it has fourth of July, which this year we are going to Colorado then! And what I want to do so badly is go to my grandma's pool to cool off! What did you do last spring?
And did I forget? Valentines day! This Tuesday, of course a lot of kids will be at school then but I won't, I am home schooled for fifth grade but I am going to sixth grade next year! Happy Valentines day!!!!

And more pics.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

ginger what house?

Ginger bread house.That's right, and I just made one the other day.  well there is no recipe, but there is a picture.  I got the pre made one because its harder to put it together than decorate .So here it is ,  oh and we used organic unsweetened  coconut. ready for the pic. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Siamese cats

We once had a Siamese cat named Fizban.  He was fat and he was an outdoor cat because Siamese cats meow a lot, if you don't like when cats meow a lot, then a Siamese cat is not really a cat that you would like .  But after all they are a pretty cat and are very healthy, and don't fill there bowls up all the way that will make any cat fat, fill there bowls up half way. even though I am ten I know a lot about cats from cat fancy issuse                                             

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin of pumpkiness

You are probably wondering why I named this post pumpkin of pumpkiness.  Well, because I got the pumpkin of pumpkiness and here it is on the internet!

You just saw the pumpkin of pumpkiness turn into a MINECRAFT CREEPER!!!!!!   WOW!  Your eyes must have popped out of there sockets!  God help me the pumpkin of pumpkiness is a creeper.   You're gonna have to see it to believe it... down there... you see the pictures down there?  Go on now... don't die now, I  don't want people dyiing cause of my blog post... now down there...........

Photo from Think Geek

What?  You're telling me you saw it without dyiing?  Cool!  Now just so you know its a creeper from minecraft, look that up and buy the game its worth it if you saw the pumpkin of pumpkiness waring that face. then you beta buy it, yeah now, look more bye!!!!!Oh and here is baby of babyness  the baby pumpkin and we made pumpkin seeds mmm those turned out good.  And we made cat cookies !!!!!!

Minecraft is almost finished so buy it
when its still $26 its online
and trust me all my family plays it except for my mom.  thanks

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple picking!!!!!

On September 18 we went apple picking, on our ride there we past a little town so we took pictures. Then we past a field it looked very pretty, so we took pictures of that to. We had to take a ferry to get to Illinois, then we took another ferry and we got to the apple orchard. We took a tractor to the apple orchard, it was a fun time, we got a lot of apples we made apple pie and all that good apple stuff mmmm I would love to go there again:)


Luke and my dad
 These are photos from this years apple picking. Because I didn't get to finish this
post in time so I finished it this year.