Friday, June 25, 2010

Our family camp out.

 last weekend me my mom my dad and my brother and some other friends went on a camp out . when we first got their we set up our tents played  went in the kids tent watched a movie didn't go to sleep we saw lightning from far away the girls went crazy so they woke the adults told them to put the rain cover on . So we finally went to sleep then a big gust of wind came and one of the girls named Sophi was trying to hold the tent up but the wind was to strong and she and the tent fell on top of us . So we all had to separate into different tents it was storming and raining . in the morning it was all sunny we ate breakfast played with water guns then we went to my grandmas to swim I took a shower their came out side their were dark storm clouds looked like it was at our camp site .We drove back to the camp site and it was poring down rain we left the kids tent open and every thing was soaked and we didn't want to stay their another night with storms so we packed up and left .We went our friends house and ate dinner. 

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